Accepted draft versions of many of my published articles are available through this page.

Journal articles:

Tidy, J. 2019. ‘War Craft: The embodied politics of making war’, Security Dialogue, OnlineFirst. Available here.

Tidy, J. 2018.‘Fatherhood, Gender and Interventions in the Geopolitical: Analysing Paternal Peace, Masculinities and War’, International Political Sociology, 12(1): 2-18. Gold Open Access, available here

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Tidy, J. 2017 ‘Visual Regimes and the Politics of War Experience: Rewriting war ‘from above’ in WikiLeaks’ Collateral Murder’, Review of International Studies, 43(1): 95-111 Available here

Tidy, J. 2016 The Gender Politics of “Ground Truth” in the Military Dissent Movement: The Power and Limits of Authenticity Claims Regarding War’, International Political Sociology, 10(2), 99-114. Currently free! here 

Tidy, J. 2015 ‘Forces Sauces and Eggs for Soldiers: food, nostalgia, and the rehabilitation of the British military‘, Critical Military Studies, 3(1), 220-232. Available here (and as an accepted draft version here). See also supplementary material here

Tidy, J. 2015 ‘Gender, Dissenting Subjectivity and the Contemporary Military Peace Movement in Body of War’, International Feminist Journal of Politics,17(3), 454-472. Available here (and as an accepted draft version here)

Kadir, S and Tidy, J. 2013 ‘Gays, Gaze and Aunty Gok: The Disciplining of Gender and Sexuality in How to Look Good Naked’, Feminist Media Studies, 13:2, 177-191. Available here

Tidy, J. 2012 ‘The Social Construction of Identity: Israeli Foreign Policy and the 2006 War In Lebanon’, Global Society, 26:4, 535-556. Available here  (and as an accepted draft version here)

Book chapters:

Tidy, J. 2017 ‘(Re)producing an (Anti)military Masculinity: Popular Culture Representations of Gender and Military Dissent in the Figure of Ron Kovic’, in The International Handbook on Gender and the Military, Rachel Woodward and Claire Duncanson (editors), Palgrave, pp. 509-523

Special issue/section introductions:

Chisholm, A. and J. Tidy, 2017 ‘Introduction: Beyond the Hegemonic in the Study of Militaries, Masculinities and War’, Critical Military Studies, 3(2): 99-102. Available free! here The full special issue, Masculinities at the Margins, is available here. It includes contributions by Anna Agathangelou, Catherine Baker, Sarah Bulmer and Maya Eichler, Amanda Chisholm, Marsha Henry, Katharine Millar and myself, Henri Myrttinen, Lana Khattab and Lana Naujoks, and Marysia Zalewski. This collection is also available as a Routledge book (see below).

Edited books:

Chisholm A. and J. Tidy eds. 2018. Masculinities at the Margins, London & New York: Routledge

Book reviews:

Tidy, J. 2011. ‘Reviews: US Military Opposition to the War in Iraq’, International Journal of Contemporary Iraqi Studies, Vol. 5. No. 1, pp.160-163

Tidy, J. 2011. ‘Reviews: ‘Re-Imagining the War on Terror: Seeing, Waiting, Travelling, International Journal of Contemporary Iraqi Studies, Vol. 5. No. 2, pp. 304-306