Dr Joanna Tidy

IMG_7407 - Version 2I am a researcher currently working on a three-year project on the war experiences of UK army soldiers in support roles. Such soldiers make up the majority of those in the theatre of war but are largely obscured within wider society and scholarship, which often conflates ‘the military’ with the minority who comprise close-combat elements.

Broadly, my work focuses on war and militaries. I am interested in how war and military logics are reproduced, constitute and are contested in and through individuals and the everyday. A large proportion of my work considers the role of gender in these areas.

Most of my published work to date has explored the gender dynamics of veterans’ antiwar politics in the United States. Other recent publications concern military charities, conscience capitalism and nostalgia in the UK context, and the visual politics of WikiLeaks’ Collateral Murder. I am also developing ideas relating to fatherhood and pro-peace political intervention.

On this website you can find out more about me and my research and access my publications.

I am based in the Department of Politics at the University of Sheffield, UK, where I am Anniversary Research Fellow.