Conferences and Events

My next conference will be the EISA Pan-European Conference on IR, Prague, Czech Republic in September 2018.

Last year I was at:

EISA Pan-European Conference on IR, Barcelona, Spain, September.

  • Paper: Researching the Rear-Echelon: Conceptual Challenges and Payoffs of Writing About “Non-Combat” Soldiers.
  • Paper: Violence, Embodiment and the Politics of Material Production: War From a Making Point of View

BISA conference, Brighton, UK, June.

  • Roundtable: Reproducing War, Preparedness and State Violence: Reflections on Contemporary Militarism

ISA Annual Convention, Baltimore, USA, February.

  • Paper: War Craft: The Aesthetic and Embodied Politics of Handmade War
  • Paper: The Twist in the Tail: Why ‘Non-Combat’ Troops Matter for Understandings of Military Masculinities