Appearances – Conferences & Invited Speaker


  • BISA conference, Brighton, UK, June. Roundtable: ‘Reproducing War, Preparedness and State Violence: Reflections on Contemporary Militarism’
  • Paper presented at ISA Annual Convention, February, Baltimore, USA, ‘War Craft: The aesthetic and embodied politics of handmade war’
  • Paper presented at ISA Annual Convention, February, Baltimore, USA, ‘The Twist in the Tail: Why ‘non-Combat’ troops matter for understandings of military masculinities’


  • rPaper presented at Political Masculinities as Agents of Change (interdisciplinary conference), Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, December, ‘Fatherhood masculinities and anti-war politics: the possibilities of paternal peace’
  • Newcastle University, New Voices in Politics seminar series, October, ‘Fatherhood, Political Subjectivity and Pro-Peace Masculinity: The curious case of Bob Bergdahl’
  • BISA conference, June, Edinburgh (with Dr. Amanda Chisholm) ‘Taking Account of Footnotes: bringing the asides inside our military masculinities theorisation and research practice’


  • Paper presented at Masculinities at the Margins: Conceptualizing war beyond hypermasculinity workshop, April, Newcastle University, ‘A Twist in the Tail? The figure of the dissenting veteran and the obscured masculinities of contemporary war’


  • Paper presented at Dressing for Dissent workshop, July, SPAIS, University of Bristol, ‘The Military Drag of Iraq Veterans Against the War’


  • Paper presented at Gendered Insecurities workshop, October, SPAIS, University of Bristol, ‘Gender, Dissenting Subjectivity, and the Contemporary Military Peace Movement in Body of War
  • Paper presented at Critical War Studies: Emerging field, developing agendas workshop, September, Sussex Centre for Conflict and Security Research (SCSR), University of Sussex, ‘Continuities of Killing and Dissenting’


  • Paper presented at BISA-ISA, June, Edinburgh, ‘Contesting Collateral Murder: RPGs and Long Lens Cameras’
  • Paper presented at the ISA Annual Convention, April, San Diego, ‘Performing Public Memory of US Experience in Iraq Post-2003: The Authentic Military Voice and Claims to Truth’
  • Paper presented at US Discourses of Contemporary Global Crises workshop, January, University of Bristol, ‘US Military Dissent: Critical Patriotism and the Protection of an Ideal America’